About the glass water and antifreeze

[China Glass Network] Today, Xiaobian brings you the use of antifreeze and glass water. Don't be confused. Adding the wrong one is very troublesome! Engine coolant (antifreeze), glass cleaner (glass water), the difference between the two can not be understood from the literal point of view, the former is mainly to ensure engine operation and heat dissipation, while the latter is to clean the glass, wiper work better . If there is any similarity between the two, then in the case of the same liquid, it needs to be added or replaced, and both need to have a low temperature working state, and both filling ports are located in the engine compartment. . It is because they have such common characteristics, so some car owners accidentally add the two when they are raising the car.

In fact, the consequences of adding the wrong between the two are not serious. As long as it is found in time to clean up and replace the correct liquid, it may cause potential hidden dangers of the vehicle if it is not found for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the identification and addition of the two, learn to distinguish the product, and understand when it is necessary to replace or add. The following comment will tell the owner about the glass water and antifreeze. I am introducing to you today, I hope to be helpful to the majority of car owners, well, let's take a closer look!

About antifreeze:

First of all, let's talk about antifreeze. Its scientific name is engine coolant, but it is called antifreeze. It is mainly used to transfer heat to the radiator of the water tank when the engine is running, and the heat is evaporated. The normal operating temperature of the engine. When replacing, it is better to operate in 4S shop or professional repair shop. When adding antifreeze, try to add the same product as the vehicle to avoid chemical reaction.

Before the advent of winter, it is recommended that the owners check the antifreeze of their car. If there is no tester, you can go to the 4S shop or professional repair shop for help. This test is usually free. Through the freezing point tester, we can Clearly see the freezing point effect of the antifreeze. For example, the BMW 3 Series mentioned above, the effect of the antifreeze is -45°, then it can still be used, and the normal replacement period of the antifreeze is about 2 years.

About glass water:

After talking about antifreeze, let's talk about glass water. Compared with the former, everyone may be more familiar with glass water. When washing the car, the store often recommends that the owners supplement the glass water, and indeed the sales profit of some glass water can more than double. Although the price of glass water is not expensive, there are also many places to pay attention to when selecting products, such as the freezing point effect, whether the shelf life is 3 years or not.

In fact, the technical content of adding glass water is very low, the owner can completely add it by himself, and it is also possible to add a product such as distilled water in the summer, but it is necessary to pay attention to adding impurities rather than liquid (such as tap water), which may cause the water spout. Blockage and other conditions, and replace all of them before the winter.

About the oil parameters and the battery:

Introducing glass water and antifreeze, let's talk about the little knowledge of oil and battery. In the hot summer, we choose some oil products with higher viscosity and adapt to large temperature difference. In winter, we should try to choose some low viscosity. Good label for low temperature fluidity. In the summer, we can choose products such as 5W-40, 10W-40, and in winter, we can choose products like 0W-30.

In the winter, battery cells are prone to failure at low temperatures. Before we talked about an article on the maintenance inspection and replacement of the vehicle maintenance battery in winter, friends who have not read it can find out. So now some vehicle batteries are not easy to see in the engine compartment, how to set up electricity?

to sum up:

Before entering the winter, it is very necessary to make a comprehensive season check for the vehicle. The low temperature will test a lot of oil and water of the vehicle. Therefore, in order to ensure normal driving under extreme weather, try to replace those non-specialized products, for example, A product that replaces glass water with distilled water or wiper. In addition to checking the freezing point of the antifreeze, the height check of the liquid level is also one of the matters to be paid before the daily driving, and it is not intended to cause the vehicle to malfunction.

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