Which hand is worn by the ochre bracelet?

Long-term wear of the meteorite bracelet has a good health care effect on the human body. Which hand is the diamond bracelet worn?

The meteorite bracelet is not worn, and both hands can be worn.

The ochre bracelet is one of the sensational sensations, which can clear the meridians of the wrist and relieve soreness. Taking the Suibin ochre bracelet as an example, it is mainly used for the feeling, pressure, thorn, sputum, vibration, rubbing, rolling, and smashing methods in the sixteen methods of 砭 。. Clinically, the sacral ball is heated for the temperature (shou) method, rolling method, pressure method, or pelvic temperature method of the back, wrist, and ankle. Wearing a closed position (two fingers away from the wrist) can prevent heart palpitations, stomach pain, and prevent and treat tenosynovitis, chronic wrist arthritis, frozen shoulder, and computer syndrome.

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