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With the mature operation system and management system and many years of successful experiences in brand operation, La Eibelle's international brand concept and fashion and romantic design idea, La Eibelle is near the starting line.

With high-quality brand image, perfect management, marketing team, a sound marketing system, with a high degree of professionalism in the service of agents in China, franchisee , and based on market feedback, with the French headquarters design concept communication, continuous improvement and development Adapt to the oriental women's characteristics of home fashion products.

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La Eibelle Daybeier will uphold the "people-oriented, achievements ideal" business philosophy, adhere to the "personality, fashion" brand positioning, professional focus on the Chinese women's fashion career, and actively spread La Eibelle Daybe near "enjoy life" home fashion culture.

Investment cooperation mainly consists of agents and single store to join two modes, the specific details are as follows:

1. City Dealer Model (municipal level): refers to the operator in the form of a contract to obtain regional agency rights in the authorized area can apply for customer protection, according to the contract to establish a template shop (or image counters) and distribution system, on this basis Development of a single store to join.

2, the city single store franchise (shopping malls, street stores) model refers to the dealer to the city directly to the headquarters of salty (no city in the local can be directly to the headquarters), signed an agreement with the headquarters in the agreed Time and domain, according to the headquarters to provide franchise stores, counter style to create a template shop or image counters, responsible for the Bell near brand products franchise sales.

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