Blood type psychology and thinking logic mode in marketing practice

The study of blood type psychology originated from the western part of the experimental science. Around the 1900s, people gradually classified human blood types into O-type, A-type, B-type, and AB-type; while the philosophical origin was the East, China's Easy, it has been more than two thousand years. From the perspective of marketing practice, this paper mainly talks about the application of the philosophy of blood type psychology and the logic of thinking brought about by it.

First, the logical and psychological modes of thinking of different blood types

After a lot of experimental data summarization, the following preliminary tendency judgments can be drawn: people with O-type blood are accustomed to reasoning thinking, corresponding to ancient legalists, corresponding religion is Islam; people with type A blood are used to vertical thinking Corresponding to the ancient Mohist, the corresponding religion is Buddhism; the B-type blood is used to the lateral thinking (divergence thinking), corresponding to the ancient Confucianism; the AB-type blood is accustomed to the comprehensive thinking of criss-crossing, corresponding to the ancient Taoism, corresponding to religion For Taoism.

Let us give an example. For the same thing, for example, employee Xiao Liu took three days off, as a superior manager, the thinking mode of different blood types is different. The reasoning thinking of O-type blood is good at questioning, will you think, is it true leave? Why are you taking time off? Is the reason for the report true? The longitudinal thinking of type A blood will think whether the inheritance before and after work is affected; the lateral thinking of type B blood will be thought, and the coordination of related departments should be maintained; those with type AB blood are accustomed to comprehensively from the aspect of criss-crossing. Balance considerations. The above is the entry point of thinking, and it will be the same as the workflow. Different entry points are determined by different habits of thinking, and different habits of thinking are determined by the physiological basis. If a person is like a computer, the body is like hardware, and the blood is like a software system. Different blood types correspond to different operating systems (thinking logic system) (Reference: Shen Zongnan, Zhang Jinghong, "Easy of the Five Elements of Idealism Advertising", Shanghai New, 2006 edition). For example, different operating systems, WINDOWS systems, or LINUX systems, or UNIX systems, the kernel and logical starting point are different, but can handle text, calculation, and access to the Internet, and so on.

The above is a general conclusion, which is established from the perspective of probability. Can't say 100%, no conclusion can be made. There are exceptions and exceptions to any conclusion, like a platypus, an exception to zoology. Like diamond and graphite allotropes, it is an exception to chemistry.

Second, the different ways of thinking of different blood types of thinking logic mode and psychological mode in marketing practice

The first is for people with type O blood. This group generally has a strong questioning psychology and hegemonic temperament, representative of typical jumping thinking. The way to deal with it is one word: honest. Treat each other with sincerity, get recognition with concrete actions, and pay attention to recognize each other and behave with obedience. According to this operation, the order can basically be made. In the O-type blood population, there is a general preference or interest in a certain field. If you can find a common topic, you may be able to maintain a better degree. Faced with their temptations beyond the basic principles of cooperation, they should resolutely say no. In this regard, people with O-type blood can understand and will not be harmed.

Followed by the population of type A blood. This group is generally used to step by step, rigorous, paying attention to the process of superior and inferior, especially the representative of typical system thinking. The way to deal with it is to suggest that he and his boss talk to you, so the probability of success is relatively large. On the other hand, another characteristic of vertical thinking is that the relative division of responsibility is relatively clear. Before doing things, thinking about the scope of responsibility and responsibility, and the degree of evaluation and recognition of the boss. At the same time, collaborators of type A blood do not like to change in order execution. If they change, they will show no interest or even complain.

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