Jager Lion: Famous in waterproof coats and elegant men's and women's clothing

Jager Lion: Famous in waterproof coats and elegant men's and women's clothing

Jager Lion is a British brand and is known worldwide for its waterproof coats and elegant men's and women's clothing. The word "Aquutum" in Jacoby Dan comes from Latin and means "waterproof". The brand was founded in London and has a history of more than 150 years. The head office is located in London's most respectable Mayflower area.

At the beginning of the brand's creation, Jaeger Lion only produced rain jackets. However, even if it is a rain jacket, its style is very fashionable, so many people are willing to wear when it is fine.

In 1854, the United Kingdom and France declared war on Russia and the Crimean War broke out. Jacob's dandan windbreaker, made of exclusive fabrics, was at the time an important weapon for British troops to fight against Russia's harsh climate. According to legend, the Yage Shidan coat was dark gray in color and helped a group of British soldiers to escape from under the eyes of the Russian army. In the two world wars of the 20th century, Jaeger Dan played an important role in the British Army. In particular, in 1941, Jager Lion added a lining to his coat, making the whole coat even more functional. Strong, both warm and waterproof effect. This further consolidates the position of Yage Lion in the military supplies market.

In the first 50 years of the brand's creation, Jaeger Lion produced only high-end menswear. In 1897, Jager Lion received the Royal Brand Certificate issued by the British Royal Family. In the 20th century, European women began to abandon their caps and long skirts and switch to short paragraphs with sports styles. In 1909, Jacob Lion Dance complied with the trend and launched its first women's collection.

One of the advantages of Jaeger Lion is that the fabric is novel. It pioneered the development of waterproof wool, which allows raindrops to fall on the fabric and splash off quickly. In the 50s of the last century, Jager Lion developed a glittering gabardine fabric and used it to make raincoats. In 1985, Jaeger Dan blended wool and mohair for the first time to create a model that resembles Edwards. Times Cape's waterproof black evening coat and won the International Fashion Festival Award.

The typical sign of British windbreaker is a Scottish plaid pattern. Like another British famous clothing brand Burberry, Jager Lion is also known for its plaid patterns. The difference is that Burberry is a three-coarse and one-fine cross grid consisting of beige, black, red, and white, while Jacob is a thin grid consisting of brown, blue, and white. These plaid patterns are sometimes used for the entire piece of clothing, sometimes used only as a decoration at the neckline, cuffs, etc.

Jager Lion has been constantly innovating and progressing. In addition to the development of a variety of waterproof and windproof special materials, the clothing design is also unique. Today's Jacob Lion men's hand is still fine, men's clothing commonly used in shiny jewelry, in order to contrast the brand's dignity. The cutting of women's clothing has a masculine taste, which is related to the origin of the brand. The Jaeger Lions Women's Waterproof Coat has a simple style with a buttoned wind collar, a cuff ties, and a D-shaped metal ring attached to the waist.

Historically, Jager Shi Dan has repeatedly won the British “Royal Industrial Award”, which is a symbol of British culture and the image of Britain and represents the style of gentlemen and ladies. In addition to men's and women's clothing, the range of Yage Lion Brand products has now extended to the jewelry collections, and both are expensive. There is a huge poster on the door of the Jaeger Lions store. The building on the screen is its London headquarters.

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