Minimalist black and white dresses wear a different sense of fashion

This May 5 hearing, the spring has officially come! The streets can be seen everywhere fresh and seductive bright color dress, but the bright color mix will easily lead to errors, so a monotone minimalist style is a black and white dress Wear the safest item with the lowest failure rate. The minimalist design can be based on the style and length of the skirt, creating a different sense of fashion.


Simple design white dress, hem and sleeves natural cut edge processing, micro-high collar design, stylish style.


Loose and comfortable dress, grid stitching design, clean and elegant style, whether it is to work or appointment wear can be worn.


Black Slim Dresses are self-contained, and the small notch design on the clavicle adds to the highlights, and they are decorated with accessories to show a unique style.


Slim-fitting natural dresses, slim and slim, and special textured organza on the sleeves create a fresh, elegant style.


A refreshing textured waist A-line dress, simple and elegant design, with a baseball cap, casual shoes, showing playful posture. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Bardi shoes)

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    Table mat/PVC Mat made of material
    1) material: PP/PVC
    2) material: soft PVC
    3) material SBR PVC/PP+EVA/ or natural rubber, etc
    4) material: soft glass
    5) PVC foaming [1]
    6) material: crystal plate
    9) material: chemical fiber
    10) material: Plush
    Role of table mats
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