Nepalese men's simple mirror highlights dynamic fashion taste

NEEZZ is an international fashion business men's brand, with a pure British aristocratic descent, emphasizing refined, taste, elegant version of the design, exquisite tailoring, meticulous craftsmanship, perfect product structure to meet the needs of successful men of various occasions , Professional design team to ensure that the brand's fashion and competitiveness. NEEZZ (Nepalese) appeals to fashion, self-confidence, have been successful or are successful men, 25-45-year-old civil servants, business people, freelancers, high-level white-collar workers as the core consumer group; NEEZZ The brand emphasizes the multi-faceted work and life of the target customer groups and meets the diversified needs of different occasions such as office, business, holiday, tourism and leisure. With elegant and exquisite brand style originating from the essence of European fashion and the advanced fabrics, Personalized and elegant version of the design, exquisite tailoring, meticulous craftsmanship, for outstanding quality, the pursuit of success and outstanding outstanding men provide the perfect dress experience, international brand image, to provide customers with a high degree of brand identity and belonging . NEEZZ Nijianzijian continues to follow its own exquisite business classics, urban elites, gentleman fashion personality features a distinctive style at the same time, the first time using the Eurasian Mediterranean style and other international fashion elements as a new product development concept, once again adopted a fresh Exquisite color matching, irregular broken seam design, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship, will strive for excellence in the modern charm of gentlemen play Ze classic British class, create elegant boutique life, into another new visual space, colorful Color combination of charm, extremely jazz unique style, so that the pursuit of individual freedom, simple and clean, dynamic and stylish you, once again feel the essence of a new self transformation and taste sublimation. NEEZZ Nepalese symbolizes a jazz, gentleman grade, representing the meaning and style of self-cultivation, high-grade and status of men's brand.

Towel Blankets are made of 100% cotton, our cotton is originally from Xinjiang province where has the longer sunshine time,  good quality cotton enable us to produce good blanket throws, the cotton material is safe and soft, taking the best care of all of your family members.  The Towel Blanket is multi use, a blanket to protect you from cold, a bath wrap, a Beach Towel, a travel towel, a baby blanket...etc.

Customized designs, size, Gsm and material are acceptable, we can do Jacquard, Plain dyed, Yarn-dyed, Terry/Cut Pile, Embroidery, Printed, Hot Drilling, Satin. The Yarn we usually used: 10S, 14S, 16S, 21S, 32S, Zero Twist or as per your request.  Material can be pure cotton, cotton-ply, cotton bamboo, microfiber.

Standard Size (cm): 100*200; 150*200; 200*230 

Cotton Towel Blanket

Towel Blankets

Towel Blanket,Bamboo Fiber Towel,Blanket Towel ,Towel Set

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